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Ritchey and Diehl
Ancestry and Genealogy

by Victor Ritchey

About this site:
THE ANCESTRY WEBSITE represents over 300 years of the Ritchey/Diehl Ancestry. This information has been provided to me by my father, Douglas Ritchey; along with other sources of information from various publications, the internet and individuals that have contacted me with their ancestry information. This research will always be ongoing and updates will only continue to grow our family tree.

This information will help youn's in your genealogical research. With your help, we can build an ancestry site that we can be proud of. Our heritage can be researched and reviewed by all members of the family no matter where they are located.


The Blackburn
Family Association Inc.

by Kevin Howley

About this site:
All Blackburn researchers are welcome to use our resources. Please note Blackburn genealogy in our database is based on the line of John Blackburn Sr. b. abt. 1675 Ireland & Mary Courtney b. abt. 1680 Ireland (1st wife) & Rachel Morton b. 1694 Ireland (2nd wife) and their  90,000 descendants.

The database also includes substantial research on the descendants of other Quaker families who intermarried and traveled with the Blackburns across the Atlantic to the New World. Of special note are families with roots in the Menallen, Huntington, Newberry, and Warrington Meetings.



The Complete Loy History Website

About this site:
This website, begun  September 9, 1997, is a companion to the January 1998 published book, "The Complete Loy History, featuring descendants of Martin Loy who migrated from Germany to America in 1741." However, unlike the book, this site extends to not only Martin's descendants, but other Loys as well.

Contains a section on Martin Loy (1752-1826) Family of Loysburg, PA




The Ancestry of
James Arthur Little
by Gaylord Wayne Little

About this site:
Contains information on the Little family as well as various interconnecting families with a connection to Morrisons Cove, PA.



The Baum Family Tree
by Kenneth Eugene Baum

About this site:
Contains Sections on the Ancestors of  Henry Miller Clapper and his wife Clara Mae Reffner who lived in Morrison's Cove, PA.  Information includes research on various interconnecting families with a connection to Morrisons Cove, PA.  Includes:  Albright, Clapper, Dick, Helsel, Miller, Pote, Reffner, and Strayer Families; as well as others.


Mock Family History
Research Center

by Gene Andert

About this site:
Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of genealogy and family history, through the combined efforts of those doing Mock family research, and seeking to find origins and interrelationships between various families in America and throughout the world.


Ritchey Family
Genealogy Pages

About this site:
Information on the Ritchey family, many of which settled in Morrisons Cove, PA.



Our Immigrant Ancestors
by Kriss Replogle

About this site:
Contains information on
various interconnecting families with a connection to Morrisons Cove, PA.  Includes:  Brumbaugh, Diehl, Hoover, Houser, Metzger, Replogle, and Ritchey Families.






Bedford County, Pennsylvania
Ancestor Connection

by Tom Clabaugh

About this site:
Contains information on
various families with a connection to Morrisons Cove PA.  Includes:  Detwiler, Ritchey, Snider, and Snowberger Families.



The Frederick/Glass Family
of Morrison's Cove, PA
by Lisa Suzanne Frederick

About this site:
Welcome! I am researching the ancestors of Ruth S. (Glass) and Charles Robert Frederick of Morrisons Cove, Blair Co. PA. Some of the surnames I have researched include Snowberger/Schneeberger, Puterbaugh, Burket/Burget, Baughman, and Hertle. I am particularly searching for information on the Glass surname.


George C. Deeter
Sturdy Pioneer
Whitley County, Indiana

Descendant of
Abraham and Elizabeth Shively Deeter
of "Dry Barrons"
Morrisons Cove,
Bedford County, Pennsylvania

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